You’re an artist, not a marketer, and I’m sure you’d much rather spend your time working on your music


* NOT searching for ways to promote it

* NOT learning how to build websites and email lists

* NOT looking for labels and vendors who will help you sell your

* NOT figuring out how to get your songs played on radio shows

* NOT having to do about a hundred other things that need to get

You get the picture.

I’m just an old musician from the 60’s who has a bad back that doesn’t let me sit long enough to play my drums for a whole set, but I love music and musicians. My nephew and his girl friend are indie musicians in L.A. right now, and I know how difficult it is to research, learn, and do all the things you’ve been told to do if you ever want a chance at landing a “record deal”.

These days, however, with the advent of  social networking on the internet, digital downloads, and cell phones, it’s becoming less and less important to get that elusive “record deal”. Heck, I knew several bands that got a  recording contract and completed recording their album in a major studio, only to have it shelved by the record company – never to see the light of day!

Today, if you bust your ass and put all the pieces together on the internet, you can do very well. The problem is…

Who has the time?

I got this crazy notion a while back that maybe I could help independent musicians by doing some of the research for them. Since I was working a full time regular job at the time, I didn’t get too much done here. Now I’m working from home, and I want to spend more time doing what I set out to do when I started this blog – helping you promote your music online.

Granted, there are thousands of websites out there that say they want to help you promote your music. But that can just make things even more difficult for you. How do you make up your mind?

Well, if you’ll give me your name and email address, I’ll send you my “Musician’s Guide To Mobile Marketing” PLUS a free ebook called “How To Call Attention To Your Music”. It was written by Derek Sivers, founder of  CDBaby and highly respected in the industry for his strong desire to help  musicians.

You will also receive my newsletter with news, tips, ideas, and anything else I think may be able to help you promote yourself and your music.

So go ahead, click the “Download Now” button, put your name and email address in the form, and then take a look around and read a few posts that interest you.


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