Youare about to find out how to get a recording contract with all of the hype and bull removed. The truth is that if your music is really good it should be relatively easy to get a deal or music artist contract, so before going through this five day plan spend a lot of time ensuring your music is way better than all of the other bands you play with…

Be honest with yourself and donot rest until you can confidentlysay you merit the money and promoting smarts a big label contract can offer.

I’m merely a standard guy creating music and placing it out there but I have read an entire heap of books on this subject and I wanted to share this method as it works and people with real talent are using it every day to get a pleasant record company advance…

(Bear with me if you notice one or two typos:- )

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A few years back the main thing that most musicians where searching for on google was “how to get a recording contract”. But nowadays the more savvy musicians realise that you don’t need the tons of money a big label can provide to make music your job. All you actually need is some killer tunes and the facility to put up a simple website.

The difficulty I see now with the 100% independent approach is that these new acts are totally ignoring the structure already set up in the music business and attempting to do too much themselves.

Let the marketers market and let the chiefs manage, your job as a musician is to spend all of your time making the best music possible. Use these new social media channels to build a buzz so that you will begin to work with the big hitters and get signed to those major recording contracts that will put you on a higher level.

My 5 Day How to Get a Recording Contract Plan = >

Lets begin…

Day 1 – Go to your local record shop and look up bands that you like most and that you think you sound similar too. Music business big-wigs who will offer you the chance to get a recording contract like to stay with what they have signed before.

Day 2 – Look inside the album jacket for the labels these band are signed to.

Day 3 – Get you manager to contact the A&R dept of the label and ask for a scout to come down and watch your show. ( Make sure the gig is nice and close to their offices and try and book it on a Thursday night as music folk don’t like going to gigs on the weekend for some reason. )

You might wish to do a little bit of chase up as these fellows get many calls a day from new bands trying to get signed. If you keep at it and your stuff is good they will make the effort to attend your show.

Day 4 – Get a killer set together that may impress the scout, ensure you practice every day leading in to the gig although not on the day. ( You do not want to leave a great performance in the practice room )

Day 5 – Donot think just because the AR guy is a fan of your gig therewill be a free music contract waiting in your dressing room!!!

First he’ll have to line up a thing by the name of a “showcase ” which is generally a private gig where the top record company bosses will show up to inspect your act before getting the cheque book out.

These things are usually a bit humiliating, because it’s rather peculiar playing infront of only 9 folk all looking menacing and urgent ; just try your best and play your heart out.

If all goes well they will offer you apreliminary deal and then it will be up to your manager to make certain you get what you’re worth. You really want to make certain you’ve a lot of freedom to make your music the way that you want. Some music biz contracts can be exceedingly restrictive and kill your creativity, so look out.

*Note* I would suggest that you use this method with 2nd tier record firms initially and then try your luck with he larger boys once you have some singles and a good sales past history under your belt. Perhaps even try to get a music publishing contract first.

Most large labels would like to see that you have had some success on your own before taking the danger and offering you a big advance.

But to be absolutely honest with you for a second, the idea of getting a record deal for me is a real turn off these days. I have discovered an easy system to create a list of fans and sell my music that is totally new to the music business.

This stuff is actually cool and you should definitely examine it below.

With that said I do hope you enjoyed learning how to get a recording contract and if you’ve got any feedback or questions please let me know. Youwill be getting tons more free music promoting guides form me over the approaching months.

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