Some of the Artists Who Recorded at Caribou Ranch:

Albums While I Was There:

Title Artist
Romantic Warrior ———————– Return to Forever
Musicmagic —————————— Return to Forever
Hideaway ——————————– America
Turnstiles ——————————– Billy Joel
Captured Angel ————————– Dan Fogelberg
Netherlands —————————— Dan Fogelberg
Shadow Play —————————– L.A. Express
Swans Against the Sun —————– Michael Murphy
Flowing Free Forever ——————– Michael Murphy
Lone Wolf ——————————– Michael Murphy
Child’s Gift ——————————- Jac Murphy
Men From Earth ————————- Ozark Mountain Daredevils
Don’t Look Down ———————— Ozark Mountain Daredevils
Transformation ————————– David Sancious
Dance of the Age ———————— David Sancious
Loving is Why —————————- Sons of Champlin
Souther, Hillman, & Furay ————– Souther, Hillman, & Furay
Illegal Stills —————————— Stephen Stills
Live ————————————— Stephen Stills
Even in the Quietest Moments ——— Supertramp
Home Is Where The Heart Is ———- David Cassidy
Chicago X ——————————– Chicago
Chicago XI ——————————- Chicago
Space Traveler ————————– James Vincent
Waiting for the Rain ——————— James Vincent
Million Dollar Legs ———————– Tony Williams
Gerard ———————————– Gerard
Listen ————————————- Navarro
?? Starwood
A Night on the Town ——————– Rod Stewart
Rock of the Westies ——————– Elton John
Never Released ————————- Riff Raff
Creed ———————————— Creed
Lake ————————————– Lake
Fonda Feingold ————————– Fonda Feingold
Trillion ———————————— Trillion
I’ve Always Been Crazy —————- Waylon Jennings
Snake, Rattle, & Roll ——————– Crawler
??? Earl Scruggs Review
Wired ————————————- Jeff Beck
Cat Scratch Fever ———————– Ted Nugent
One Size Fits All ————————- Frank Zappa