Peter Cetera, Maurice, and Heineken Beer

After seeing Peter Cetera on a Heineken commercial, I had to laugh because I was sure that Heineken probably has no idea that their beer was probably the most popular beer at Caribou. Yes, a lot of Coors was consumed, as you might imagine, but a whole lot of Heineken was swallowed too. In fact, they probably could have run ads in the 70’s saying, “Heineken. The official beer of Caribou Ranch.” Ha!

Watch as “Ladies’ Man,” Maurice, surprises Jamie and Gavin with one of the secrets to his success: Peter Cetera’s “Restless Heart.” Then read my “tale” below the video.

When we were mixing “If You Leave Me Now”, I remember Peter telling Wayne (the engineer) to be sure he didn’t fade the song out before the last “Ooh mama, I just got to have your lovin'” was heard. He went on to say, “That’s what gets the women!” So now you and Maurice know the secret to why Peter’s music works!

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