CMHOF Concert

Caribou Ranch Inducted Into Colorado Music Hall of Fame

The Colorado Music Hall of Fame held a concert at Fiddler’s Green to honor the 2017 inductees – Caribou Ranch, Joe Walsh and Barnstorm, and Dan Fogelberg.

Just Like a Hit Tune, Caribou Ranch is Fading Out!

About 400 items that made Caribou Ranch unique will appear in a public auction January 24, 2015

Say Goodbye To Caribou Ranch !

Caribou Ranch, the famed recording studio of the 70’s, has been sold. Will be remembered in the Colorado Music Hall of Fame.

Want to Buy the Ranch?

Caribou Ranch is For Sale! If I had $45,000,000.00  I’d buy it, but I could only come up with $45.00. Darn! While it struck me as a sad thing, I guess it’s just that things have changed for Jimmy and it makes sense for him. After all, he’s owned it for a long time, and I suppose he and Lucy…

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Barry Fey – the Great Concert Promoter – Has Died

I never would have worked at Caribou if it hadn’t been for Barry Fey.  He had invited Jimmy Guercio to watch Tommy Bolin perform, and the group I was associated with at the time, Gerard, was asked to perform also.  That’s when Jimmy decided to sign Gerard to Caribou Records, and the rest – as they say – is history….

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